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We know you can’t put your life on hold to pursue a legal case, and we know that when you do, it can be an incredibly stressful time. That’s why clear communication, transparency, and convenience are what each of our clients get when they come to Smith Mohlman seeking justice. As our past clientele can attest, we put your needs first.

These testimonials are only a sampling of how Smith Mohlman tailors our work to each individual case:

“I liked how Smith Mohlman kept me in the look of what was going on. I have 3 kids and live in Overland Park so driving to the Plaza to keep up with everything [on my case] wasn’t always an option. They let me fax documents in and drop off originals when I could. I feel like they did a great job and went above and beyond my expectations.”


“I just really had a great experience with them overall, I was nervous about my medical bills and they really put me at ease and told me not to worry about anything, to just take care of myself and they would worry about the rest. They were all very prompt and nice and answered any questions and were patient with me which I appreciated.” – Amanda L.


“Mike put everything he had into [the case] and I’m sure there were plenty of other cases that would have brought him more money and he just continued with me. He never let me down once. I would never want my situation to happen to me or anyone else I know but if it did I would definitely refer them to him.” – Bobbi N.


“I liked [that Rachel] returned my phone calls and actually answered the phone. They dealt with my case quickly. I had been dealing with another attorney and when Rachel took over it was a total change. They always answered my questions. She did a great job and I was pleased with her service.” – Elizabeth O.


“Smith Mohlman handled everything wonderfully and made me feel comfortable. I was in pain when I came to them and they were able to provide advice and make me feel better. I would recommend them to anybody. With my case I was able to call them and ask them for personal advice pertaining to my case and they gave me direction and helped me reach out to another lawyer. They even followed up, which showed me they really cared.”


“If Rachel wasn’t there Marie was there. There was always someone to reach out to. If they weren’t there you could leave a message and they would call back the next day. They are my favorite because I feel like they really care about people, even though it’s a lawyer’s office they explain everything up front and make it work for you.” Julia. L.


“They took the time to understand what happened and wanted to get a full in-depth understanding. I think they were really good to work with, they were compassionate and understanding and you could tell they were trying to do the best for you.” – Lori E.


“When I had questions everything as answered in a proper amount of time. They were just really nice. [I would tell them to] keep up the good work! They are always putting the client first. I like Rachel because I know she would get back with me, and what she is doing is for us.” – Louise J.


“Mike is probably one of the most down-to-earth and friendly people that makes you feel like more than a client – more like a friend. I had been working with another attorney that wasn’t going to get me a third of what Mike did.”


“They are the most friendly and caring law firm I’ve ever worked with. Their professionalism is beyond. The whole staff was great about taking care of me. I got run around in circles with other attorneys and Smith Mohlman didn’t do that to me.” – Tanya T.

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