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kansas city motorcycle accident attorneyMotorcycle accidents can happen in an instant, and the results can be catastrophic for the motorcycle rider. And even worse, insurance companies often blame the motorcycle rider regardless of the facts. Our Kansas City motorcycle accident lawyer can help you fight the insurance company. We’ve worked with many motorcycle riders and know how to investigate these cases. We will look at every factor, including road defects, to get you the best recovery possible.

We are Commonly Asked: “How is the Blame Determined for Motorcycle Accidents and Injuries?”

Most people assume careless, reckless or drunk drivers are always at fault, but even sober drivers can pose a serious threat to motorcycle riders:

Texting, chatting, selfies on smartphones, and other irresponsible behaviors on the road lead to accidents, injuries, and hundreds of deaths in Missouri and Kansas every year. Brain injuries, spinal injuries, and other long-term injuries are all common results of a Kansas City Car Accident or truck collision with a motorcycle. All of a sudden, a rider is faced with medical bills, lost wages, and lengthy rehabilitation.

Our job is to fight alongside you to prove accurate fault, and to help get you the recovery you deserve – financially, legally, and personally.

Want Experience? We’ve Handled Cases Where the Following Situations Have Happened:

  • Car drivers not checking their blind spots when changing lanes and hitting a motorcycle.
  • Cars turning directly in front of an oncoming motorcycle.
  • Motorcycle riders thrown from their bikes into traffic.
  • Car drivers texting, are on their phone, or are otherwise not paying attention and failing to see a motorcycle.
  • Accidents caused by uneven pavement and improper road repairs.
  • Road rash injuries when a motorcycle rider slides against the pavement.

Not only will our Kansas City personal injury attorneys fight for you but they know the best course of action when it comes to dealing with these types of accidents. You deserve the best and Smith Mohlman Injury Law, LLC will give you just that.

Choosing A Kansas City Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident in Missouri or Kansas, you need help immediately in order to protect your rights. We can meet with you one-on-one to discuss your situation and go straight to work on getting the insurance company to pay so you can focus on getting your life back to normal. Contact our Kansas City motorcycle accident lawyer today at (816) 866-7711 for a free, no-obligation consultation.