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We let our work speak for itself. Take a look at some of the cases we’ve handled below to see what types of cases we take and how we produce for our clients.


Nursing Home – Feeding Tube Case


Our clients’ father was an 87-year-old man living with his wife at a local nursing home. He had a tube placed directly into his stomach to assist with feeding and medications. One evening, the tube came out and the nurses replaced it. They did not, however, check to make sure the tube was properly placed in the stomach. The tube was not properly placed and the man’s feeding did not go into his stomach. Instead, it went into his peritoneal cavity, which caused a massive infection and, ultimately, the man’s death. The man’s family agreed to settle this case for $315,000.00.

Nursing Home – Sexual Assault

Confidential Settlement

Our client was an Alzheimer’s patient at a local nursing home. While a patient, our client was sexually abused by an employee. We filed a lawsuit on her behalf alleging improper care and treatment, failing to remove an unqualified employee, and negligent hiring. During discovery, we learned that the employee had a criminal record, had shown up to work drunk, and had been observed physically abusing other patients. The case settled at mediation for a confidential amount.

Nursing Home Negligence – Burn Injuries

Confidential Settlement

P.N. was a nursing home resident that loved coffee. Because of her medical condition, P.N. was placed on fluid restrictions and her coffee intake was to be closely monitored. Disregarding the fluid restriction order, a nursing home staff member gave P.N. a cup of hot coffee. When a nurse saw her with the coffee, the nurse yanked it out of her hands and caused it to spill. The coffee caused third-degree burns to P.N.’s legs. Despite those burns, the nursing home did not send P.N. to the hospital for three days. She was hospitalized for nearly a month because of the burns. We filed suit against the nursing home claiming that the coffee given to P.N. was nearly 180 degrees – much hotter than is safe to serve nursing home residents. We also claimed that P.N. should have never been given the coffee because of the fluid restriction order. The case settled for a confidential amount before trial.

Hospital Fall and Death

Confidential Settlement

J.T. suffered a cerebellar hemorrhage and was recovering at a local hospital. He was making very strong improvements and was scheduled to be discharged. Although he was improving, J.T. was considered a fall risk because he was somewhat unsteady on his feet. Therefore, the hospital’s fall prevention protocols were in effect. Despite the fall protocols, J.T.’s nurses failed to properly monitor him and allowed him to fall on two occasions. The second fall happened the day before J.T.’s discharge and caused a severe subdural hematoma – bleeding on the brain. J.T. never left the hospital. He died from complications of the subdural hematoma several months later. We represented J.T.’s family in a suit against the hospital claiming that the nurses failed to follow their own fall prevention policies and procedures. The family reached a confidential settlement with the hospital two weeks before trial.

Post-Cesarean Death

Confidential Settlement

S.S. was a 35-year-old woman who underwent a cesarean section for the birth of her second daughter. After the C-section, S.S. was taken to the recovery room for routine post-operative observation. In the recovery room, S.S. was having difficulty breathing and was cool to the touch, and her nurse was unable to obtain blood pressure or pulse readings. Despite those classic signs of a post-operative hemorrhage, the health-care providers took no action for over 20 minutes. A Code Blue was ultimately called, but it was too late. S.S. could not be saved. We represented S.S.’s husband and daughters in a suit against the hospital, nurse, and anesthesiologist responsible for S.S’s care. The family settled against all defendants at mediation for a confidential amount.

Inadequate Communication

Confidential Settlement

A.H. was born with a condition where fluid builds up, on the brain. When he was a boy, A.H. had a ventricular-peritoneal shunt (VP shunt) inserted. A VP shunt is used to drain excess fluid off the brain. A.H.’s shunt malfunctioned, which can be a very dangerous condition, and he was hospitalized for surgery to replace it. At around midnight on the night after the surgery, A.H. became unresponsive and his blood pressure spiked. He had also been complaining of increased pain in his head. These are common symptoms of shunt failure. A.H. recovered, but as the night wore on, his head pain became increasingly worse.

In the early morning hours, the resident doctor caring for A.H. called the attending neurosurgeon about the head pain. She claimed she told the neurosurgeon about the entire course of A.H.’s night. The neurosurgeon, however, said that he was not told about the events at midnight or the increasing symptoms. In fact, he testified that he would have immediately come to the hospital for emergency surgery if he knew that information. Instead, he did not come to the hospital for several hours. By the time he got there, it was too late to save A.H.’s life. A.H.’s parents filed a wrongful death suit against the neurosurgeon and the resident. The case was settled for a confidential amount.

Birth Injury

Confidential Settlement

R.M. was pregnant with her second child and went to a local hospital to deliver. Her first child was delivered by Cesarean section. This time, R.M. and her doctor agreed to try a vaginal birth (or a VBAC – vaginal birth after cesarean). As her labor continued, the fetal heart rate monitor showed that R.M.’s baby was in severe distress. The baby’s heart rate was dropping dangerously low again and again. Despite these problems, R.M.’s nurses and doctor failed to act. Ultimately, R.M.’s uterus ruptured and the baby suffered severe injuries. The baby survived but died two weeks later. We represented R.M. in a claim against the hospital and her doctor. Her case settled for a confidential amount shortly after filing suit.

Failure to Diagnose


K.M. had her wisdom teeth taken out. Three days later, she went to the emergency room because she had severe jaw pain and was unable to open her mouth. The ER doctor ran no tests and sent her home with a diagnosis of “dry socket.” Instead of dry socket, K.M. had a serious jaw infection. Once the infection was properly diagnosed, K.M. had several surgical procedures and was hospitalized for over a week. Her medical bills totaled more than $45,000.00. At trial, we were able to show that the ER doctor failed to pick up on several classic signs and symptoms of a jaw infection. We also showed that, if the proper diagnosis had been made, K.M. could have been treated with oral antibiotics instead of an extensive hospital stay. A Jackson County, Missouri jury awarded K.M. $147,500.00.



Negligent Hiring Resulting in Personal Injury – Jury Verdict

Plaintiff, male age 50, was in his car at a stop sign in his Wyandotte County, KS neighborhood on November 11, 2015, when a tree limb fell on his vehicle injuring Plaintiff. The defendant was the landlord of a house with a 100 ft tall dead tree. The plaintiff claimed that Defendant had solicited professional tree removal, with bids of around $1,500, but instead went to Craig’s List and hired Colby McCraken to remove the tree at a cost of $300.  A tree limb fell on the Plaintiff’s car while McCraken was removing the tree. The plaintiff stated he heard a chainsaw but remembers nothing after that and brought suit for negligent hiring. This action took place in Clay County, MO because both the landlord and the tree trimmer were Clay County residents. The defendant denied liability claiming the tree trimmer was totally at fault.



Wrongful Death Settlement


Car Wreck


Car Wreck Settlement


Car Wreck Settlement

Semi-Truck Wreck

Confidential Settlement

A.M. was a passenger in her husband’s car. They were driving north on I-635 in Kansas City, Kansas during a severe ice storm. A.M.’s husband lost control of their car and traveled across all three lanes of traffic. The car went directly in front of a semi-trailer. The semi smashed into the car killing A.M.’s husband and critically injuring A.M. A.M. died several weeks later from her injuries.

We filed a suit against the semi-truck driver that hit A.M.’s car and the insurance company for A.M.’s husband. We were able to present evidence that the truck driver was driving too fast for the icy conditions and that, had he been traveling slower, he would not have hit A.M.’s car. The case settled against both defendants shortly before trial.

Bike/Truck Wreck


S.B. was riding her bike to work one morning because she was training for the M.S. 150 charity bike ride. A pickup truck traveling behind S.B. on the same road drifted off onto the shoulder and hit S.B. She was thrown several hundred feet and suffered critical injuries. She died the next day.

We represented S.B.’s siblings in a Clay County, Missouri case against the pickup truck driver. S.B. was not married and had no kids. As a result, we were unable to make a significant claim for economic loss caused by S.B.’s. We were, however, able to show the human loss caused by her death by emphasizing her role in the community and as a teacher. The case was settled for 750,000.00.

Bus Wreck


J.J. was on a bus trip to Colorado with her high-school band. A snowstorm came up as the bus was returning from Colorado. Conditions worsened and traffic slowed. A truck behind the bus, however, did not slow down and crashed into the rear of the bus. The back of the bus, where J.J. was sitting, took the brunt of the damage. J.J. suffered a compound fracture of her right leg, torn ligaments in her left knee, a fractured pelvis, a fractured sacrum, and internal injuries. She was life-flighted to a Colorado hospital and was there for nearly a month. The driver of the truck that caused the accident was convicted of driving too fast for the existing conditions. J.J. and her family settled the case at mediation for over $630,000.00.

Motorcycle Crash

Confidential Settlement

On September 14, 2003, S.M. was driving home on his motorcycle. Suddenly, the defendant pulled out in front of S.M.’s motorcycle causing S.M. to lay his motorcycle down. S.M. was taken to the hospital where he underwent several surgeries on his leg. Doctors were able to save S.M.’s leg, but he has permanent disabilities. This case settled before suit was filed for a confidential amount.


Dangerous Condition on Property


M. J. was a freshman at Ruskin High School in the Hickman Mills School District. As part of his P.E. class, M.J. was playing basketball in the gym. The class was playing “side-to-side” on drop-down goals to accommodate more games and more players. Directly behind one of the drop-down goals were a player’s bench and an unpadded rail separating the bleachers from the playing area. School personnel testified that they had seen players run into the bench and rail in the past, but never sustain an injury. As he was playing for P.E. class, M.J. ran to block a shot. He jumped and his momentum took him into the bench and rail. He hit his neck on the rail and fractured his larynx.

He was hospitalized for over a month and had over $125,000.00 in medical bills. M.J. and his parents sued the school district claiming the bench/rail design was a dangerous condition because it was too close to the playing court. The case went to trial and we had a nationally recognized sport-safety expert testify on M.J.’s behalf. After less than two hours of deliberation, a Jackson County, Missouri jury returned a verdict in favor of M.J. and his parents in the amount of $351,649.12.

State Settlements


Wyoming: Multiple Cases

Over $1,000,000

Iowa: Multiple Cases

Over $100,000,000

Pennsylvania: Several Verdicts and Settlements

Over $1,000,000

Iowa: Multiple Cases

Over $1,000,000

Kansas: Multiple Cases

Over $1,000,000

Missouri: Multiple Cases

Over $1,000,000

New Jersey: Multiple Cases

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