What We’ve Learned So Far: A Year Into The Pandemic

What We’ve Learned

The first city-wide lockdown took effect in Kansas City, Missouri on March 21, 2020. People everywhere had no choice but to jump feet-first into the new world of a global pandemic. They bunkered down and ordered in. Home offices were dusted and spruced. Pets became coworkers. “Zoom” became a permanent part of our vocabulary, and it seems like just about everyone perfected their baking.

While the world seemed to stop for a moment, life continued. The air quality in the city improved. Nature and people both met the given changes. This is not to say that things weren’t uncertain – for lots of people, things were downright scary. People lost their jobs. Others continued to go to work not knowing what to expect. We all learned something new, in some way, about ourselves and the world around us, even if it wasn’t some fabulous new skill. Whatever we learned, and even if it might not have always felt like it, we all learned to adapt.

This was also true of the people here at Smith Mohlman. Below, we share what some of us learned during the crazy year that was 2020.

Connie Robinson, Office Manager

“I had never used the online pick-up feature from Hy-Vee before and started using it when the shutdown took place. Now I continue to use it.  Also, I quit the gym and put together a small workout room in our house.  I actually love working out at home now.”

Mike Mohlman, Partner

“The pandemic showed me once again how strong our team is. That with all the obstacles we had to deal with, we were still able to represent our clients. It also gave me a peek into the seclusion and loneliness that many of our clients deal with. When someone is seriously injured, they are often stuck at home, unable to socialize, or run to the store or even go for a walk. We got a small taste of that being quarantined, and I am hopeful it will help me tell our clients’ stories a little better.”

Rachel Smith, Partner

“I think it demonstrated how strong our team is, and how our willingness to be creative and innovative allowed us to continue serving clients as effectively during a pandemic as we did before. I agree with Mike – it provides incredible insight into what someone who is isolated is experiencing. I did feel like, personally, it gave me an opportunity to connect with my children and husband in a way that I never had before, as we lived inside of each other’s lives… And provided both perspective and compassion for one another and those in our community… I feel like it brought me closer to those I love.”

Crystal Patterson, Records Coordinator

“I have a better appreciation for teachers and working moms. When the shutdown started, I became a work-from-home mother and also took on the role as my sons’ teacher. It was not an easy job, and we made the best of it.”

Alyssa Dockins, Law Clerk/3rd Year Law Student

“I learned how to workout from home instead of going to the gym. It saves me a ton of time on traveling and it’s easier to commit to. Also, I have come to love DoorDash.”

Lacey Hopkins, Intake Specialist

“I used to eat out way more than I probably should have – the shutdown forced me to cook more. Dishes that seemed daunting before I have now perfected. Hit me up if you want my vegan alfredo recipe.”

Ruben Krisztal, Attorney

“I learned how to take depositions remotely. The Coronavirus brought me into the 21st Century.”